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Take a Mitsubishi for a Test Drive at O’Brien Normal Mitsubishi

O’Brien Normal Mitsubishi is excited to welcome drivers from Normal, Bloomington, Peoria, Pekin, and other surrounding areas. We are proud to offer an incredible lineup of Mitsubishi vehicles to our customers. Why are we so proud? The Mitsubishi reputation has been one of value, quality, and reliability for decades. All of our O’Brien Certified Used models have to pass very rigid standards before we offer them to any of our customers. We don’t want to just sell cars, we want to find the perfect fit for each individual. When we shake your hand before you drive off the lot, it’s our assurance to you that the car you’ve just chosen is a quality pick.

Honestly, the best way to understand what we mean when we talk about the reputation of our vehicles is to just come over and check them out for yourself. Even better, our Mitsubishi dealers in Normal will take you for a test ride in whichever vehicle you’d like. You can even take more than one for a test drive. And don’t feel like you can’t bring that special someone with you when you come. We’d love for them to test drive it too! Making sure you’re comfortable and at ease during this whole process is our goal – so let us know what we can do to make that happen. With all the reviews available online now, you might not think it’s necessary to take a car for a test drive. We guarantee that isn’t the case. Sitting in the driver’s seat is a completely different experience that sitting in your office chair!

We have a couple of models on the lot for you to drive. Depending on your needs, one may be a better fit than the other. The 2016 Mitsubishi i-MiEV is a smaller economical little guy; the 2016 Mitsubishi Lancer Sport in Normal is a sedan that’s sure to impress any passenger; the 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage and Mirage G4 are models that’s sometime overlooked, but are a larger economical vehicle that’s great for commuting; you get a lot of equipment for the money with the 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport; and last, but certainly not least, the 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander is the epitome of a family vehicle.

Be sure to bring along your driver’s license when you come take a test drive in any of these vehicles. We can’t let you drive on the road without one! When you’re inside, take your time. Our Mitsubishi dealership  near Bloomington is there for you. We want you to make sure you take as much time as you need looking over everything. Consider details like braking, interior cabin controls, and steering wheel sensitivity.

We can’t wait to meet you! Stop by our Mitsubishi dealership in Normal any time for a test drive.